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Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker
product code: CC08850
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Cuisinart's® Vertical Waffle Maker takes up less room on the counter while making foolproof perfect Belgian waffles every time. Guaranteed crowd-pleasing waffles are perfectly baked for all your family and friends. Dimensions: 9"L x 5.50"W x 11.75"H. Model #WAF-V100C. Colour: Stainless Steel.

Reward features:
• Innovative Design - Vertical shape saves space on your kitchen counter
• Perfect fill - Unique fill spout and measuring cup eliminates overflows
• Timing accuracy - Indicator lights let you know when to bake and when to eat
• Choose your shade - Five-setting browning control
• 800 Watts - Heats fast, cooks fast, perfect results

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