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Honeywell 360° Digital Surround Heater
product code: CC08980
8,940 pts
The Honeywell 360° Digital Surround Heater provides energy savings, excellent safety features and the ability to control your comfort. Designed to provide all-around warmth, this 360-degree portable heater is perfect for small to mid-sized rooms and offers superior all-around room heating. Dimensions: 8.98" x 9.02" x 12.91". Weight: 5.5 lbs. Model # HHF370BC. Colour: Black.

Reward features:
• Digital LED lights accurately indicate room temperature and desired temperature
• Constant high and low settings
• Programmable thermostat
• Remote control with storage area
• 4 timer settings
• 360° tip over switch
• Overheat protection
• Cool Touch housing & handle
• Sturdy base

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